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About Astrid

Astrid de Ruiter (MSc (Physics), Grad Dip Psychology, Grad Dip Counselling, QCA/PACFA Clinical Member, CFM/MTI Certified MBSR Teacher)

Thank you for wanting to find out a little more about me!

From an early age, I was driven by a deep urge to understand the world and a strong desire to contribute something meaningful to that world. I was born in the Netherlands and my initial education was in (applied) physics. I went on to work as a consultant and policy maker in the field of photovoltaic solar energy – a very rewarding career choice for someone wanting to positively impact the planet!

In my early thirties, my curiosity began to shift from the material world to the mystery of life, and what it meant to be a human being. I spent a number of years traveling, exploring and  discovering. During my travels, I learned a meditation technique called 'mindfulness', which completely changed my life.

I decided to migrate to Australia and retrain as a counsellor/psychotherapist. In my first job as a counsellor in 2006, I was asked to develop a course to help people manage difficult emotions such as stress, anxiety, low mood and irritability. In the process I unearthed a great passion that remains to this day - teaching mindfulness to others. 

Now I’m a registered counsellor/psychotherapist in private practice and an internationally certified mindfulness teacher. Each modality I practise can be powerful on its own. What I have found is when I combine counselling/psychotherapy and mindfulness it leads to much faster, deeper and more profound change in people... and that’s exciting.

Over the years I have developed a deep trust in people’s capacity to overcome difficulties in their life. I see the therapy process as simply the catalyst, the support they need for change, healing and growth to take place.

My style of counselling is gentle, caring and attentive. One of my strengths is in building genuine rapport and truly connecting with people, so they feel safe and supported. I draw on a range of counselling and psycho-therapeutic modalities, yet am also able to put aside these models and fixed protocols and just ‘be’ with someone when needed. No matter how unusual or extreme their situation, I am able to remain open minded, calm and responsive. From there I can find what is going to be most useful in that moment for that person.

Contact me to have a chat and to see how I can help you.

Recording of a live online talk/session by Astrid on working with feeling tone in our meditation practice. 

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