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Supervision in Teaching Mindfulness

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Teaching mindfulness is not just about being able to guide  mindfulness meditations (that is the easy part!). It is also about being able to embody mindfulness yourself in everything you do, including in the way you relate to clients/students. About being able to explain in a clear, succinct and accessible way how to 'apply' mindfulness in daily life, for example in working with difficult emotions. It is also about being able to assist people to inquire into their own experiences, and through that help them gain insight into their own minds and their own internal processes. It is about being  familiar enough with the wide variety of experiences that can happen during meditation to help people make sense of these, support them in working with these, or simply to help them feel more at ease with these. 

Having a strong personal mindfulness practice, plenty of personal experience with mindfulness and a good understanding of the theoretical and philosophical underpinnings of mindfulness are the foundations that make this possible. 

Astrid provides professional supervision to people teaching, or wanting to teach, mindfulness. Astrid is a faculty member of MTI (Mindfulness Training Institute Australia and New Zealand) and is involved in the registration and certification of MBSR teachers. 

The Universities of Bangor, Exeter and Oxford have developed thorough and sophisticated guidelines for the assessment of competencies of people teaching Mindfulness-based Interventions. You can access those here:  MBI-TAC). The MBI-TAC set an international quality standard for people teaching MBSR, MBCT or other Mindfulness-based Interventions. 

In supervision with Astrid of your teaching of mindfulness, we can work towards you being able to meet the MBI-TAC standards. Or we can work on whatever it is you don't feel quite confident in with your teaching of mindfulness. 

Supervision can be face-to-face or via Skype/Zoom. 

Contact Astrid to find out more. 

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